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With a crispy, southern and nice voice, Arthur Stulien charmed the judges in the Norwegian tv-program "Idol" in 2016. He reached top 50, but didn't give up his dream. Together with his cousin, Simon, they played all over the southern part of Norway that summer. Later that year he started studying music at the university of Agder in Kristiansand, where he met the rest of the band. Hisham Van Touil, Espen Jægersborg & Vetle Magnus Tveit all joined Arthur & Simon at the band's first gig in Arthur's hometown, Byremo. Petter Berge joined in early 2017.

          2017 was a good year for Arthur Stulien. Releasing the first single, Anywhere Else in January, and the second one, My Kinda Home in February. Still limited to southern part of Norway, but playing at larger places and festivals like Eikerapen Roots Festival and Seljord Countryfestival, the highest rated country-festival in Scandinavia.

          In late 2017 they came in contact with Bent Ivar Depui Tversland, CEO at the record company "Ghost Town". Recording started early 2018, and August 3rd, the first single og the album, "with you", was released. Two more singles, and the rest of the album will be released January 2019! We hope you like our music, and will continue following us!

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