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Utgivelse av Road More Known

Stulien Music

Jun 4, 2021

Arthur Stulien slipper sitt debut soloalbum, med 14 originale låter skrevet av eller med artisten selv.

I wish to say thank you to everyone involved in making this album possible. Thank you to the sponsors for believing in the project, and for your financial contribution! Thank you to Norwegian Country Radio for playing my music, and broadcasting it worldwide. I also have to thank Boots of Norway for sharing my music, content, and for all the laughs and helpful talks over the last year. Your assistance to domestic and international artists is an inspiration and a huge resource for all of us! Thank you to Vidar Dale, for once again turning songs recorded on my phone into a finished product that we can both be proud of, and thank you to Kenneth Sandåker for his work as a mix engineer. Thank you to the guys in Falk Media Team for the support, and help with the marketing of this album! To all my listeners, I’m forever grateful for all your support, and can’t thank you enough for listening and supporting me, coming to my concerts, and buying the music me and my crew are creating. Last, but not least, thank you to my family for your support through all these years, and believing in what I do, and for cheering me on trying to fulfill my dream. To all of y’all, I hope you like what we’ve been working on for the past 15 months! This one’s for you!


Acoustic guitar: Arthur Stulien, Simon Stulien (Wherever He Goes), and Jason Roller (Not Too Far Behind)

Drums: Espen Jægersborg (Play it Again, Riverbank & Wherever He Goes), Christian Seneger

Electric guitar: Aaron Currie and Hugo Risdal (Wherever He Goes)

Bass guitar: Kristian Vågsnes and Øyvind Furdal (Play it Again, Riverbank & Wherever He Goes)

Fiddle and mandolin: Jason Roller

Banjo/ Ganjo: Simon Stulien (Play it Again), Jason Roller (A Little Caught Up), and Vidar Dale (A Little Caught Up & She’ll Be Gone)

Piano/ keys: Kim Roger Larsen (Wherever He Goes, Play it Again Not Too Far Behind, and string-arrangement on Not Too Far Behind) and Hale White (Riverbank)

Steel guitar and dobro: Vidar Dale

Backing vocals: Kathrine Stulien Hellerslien, Kenneth Sandåker, and Simon Stulien and Øyvind Furdal (Play it Again, Riverbank & Wherever He Goes)

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